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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Snake, Nemesis and I were fortunate enough to attend a roundtable discussion sponsored by America's Future Foundation on September 14. The discussion, aptly titled "What's the deal with Intelligent Design?" was a closer look at what the debate over Intelligent Design tells us about American politics and culture.

After arriving at Snake's shanty with track-lighting, scotch was made available to Nemesis and I. I must say, Snake is akin to a magician of sorts; I have never seen gin disappear so quickly. At any rate, about an hour out from the roundtable, the three of us walked to a watering hole called Biddy's which is attached to the Irish-owned Jury's Washington Hotel near the heart of Dupont Circle in DC. After a cocktail, we proceeded to the address provided to us by a respectfully unnamed entity. After eagerly expecting to stretch our collective minds, all I was able to accomplish was some German language skills...as we had landed at the German Historical Institute. There was no roundtable here. We made a call to the infamous "Donny" of Korea fame and he was able to provide us with the correct address of the Fund for American Studies. At last, and only 30 minutes late, we were able to make our way to the standing room and witness the discussion.

Panelists included Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America, Will Wilkinson of the Cato Institute, Ron Bailey of Reason Magazine and Blake Dvorak of the Washington Times. The panelists provided some insight into the topic of ID and its effects, and also fielded some questions from the audience. Overall, a very good time. AFF even provided some wine and beer pro bono style. If you are interested, reader, you can download a file of the discussion at their website (linked above). After some Amstel Light for Nemesis and I (it was free), and some wine for Snake, the discussion concluded and there was more talk about carrying the conversation to a local bar. Before Ron Bailey could escape, the three of us picked his brain. I must say, Ron Bailey is a very knowledgeable person in his arena. After his departure, the majority of the discussion spilled out onto the streets of DC. After some more light conversation, many were off to find the bar "near Dupont Circle". Several of us set off in that direction. I will never know how many actually made it.

We concluded the night with another round at Biddy's. Shortly after, we hailed a cab for the drive back to Snake's shanty and then the drive home. Fifteen dollars later, we arrived having realized that we all took something from the roundtable that night, and in a way, Snake left something too.


Compliments to America's Future Foundation for hosting this event. There are many such events and you should check out their site if you get the chance. There is no mistaking that the site is geared towards the classical liberal. Good stuff.

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