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Sunday, September 18, 2005
I just realized what a leftist puppet Bill Maher is. I feel for the other persons taking road trips, vacations, business trips or otherwise where they may be susceptible to the despicable programming that is "Real Time with Bill Maher". Unfortunately, I don't subscribe to HBO in my home and don't have the satisfaction of turning Bill Maher off at will.

When Bill Maher can actually get through a sentence without waiting for applause as if it was the best thing ever to come out of his sinkhole, it turns out to be asinine and pointless. With his fivehead (too big to be a normal forehead) pulsing with propaganda, this dummy typically begins what he thinks may be a valid point with: "uh, uh...", and usually ends it with "but I, but uh, I uh"; and then the applause, because a stagehand finally hit the appropriate button.

I decided that Bill Maher's credibility as a decent human being was basically nonexistent by the time he referred to Barbara Bush as a "bitch" and actually suggested that New Orleans could have built a 100 foot tall levee with monies instead spent on things like the Superdome. Undoubtedly when the 101 foot wave comes along, it would be blamed on Republicans by people like Bill Maher and in doing so, skirting the real issues while playing the blame game.

Included in the programming filth was an "interview" with Senator Charles Schumer from New York. It would seem as if Bill Maher and Schumer may be progressing to a second, and perhaps a third date. I would expect Bush-bashing from a dolt like Maher, but a Senator of the United States doing the same thing? No wonder the Democrats are hurting so badly. Plainly an ideologue, Schumer should never have been able to sit on a hearing involving the highest seat in the judiciary.

Among the other guests of the show were P.J. O'Rourke, Joy Behar and Willie L. Brown, Jr. P.J. and Willie did most of the talking and had some equally valid things to say while Joy Behar was the token filler. Perhaps an actual funny person failed to show and she was a last resort. "The View" must be hurting with her on the show. By the way, she considers John Roberts the only fu*kable judge in the Supreme Court...nice talk sugar-mouth. Way to represent your home in the liberal mindset. If you find the time to SMS your way to a funny joke and leave behind the ass-hattery, I won't make fun of you anymore...as much.


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