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Saturday, September 24, 2005
As part of a play on words previously quoted by Nemesis, I see this as a fitting title. This of course, being in reference to the shenanigan's of the hordes of placard-zombies melingering about Washington D.C. today.

After watching for a bit, I cannot tell in all honesty, what it is these miscreants aim to accomplish. I can tell that the common theme is that President Bush is not liked by the people that showed up. After Jessica Lange got up to the podium and spoke to the mindless drones about Bush, I had to laugh. After burning out in Hollywood, why not come to another forum and do the same? Good show, dummy.

I saw a multitude of placards; most of them with asinine statements, of course. I saw people mostly advertising their website and such, but then throw up a picture of the President on your placard and you suddenly have purpose! The funniest thing that I saw was the Filipino crowd up on stage for about 6 minutes. These idiots spewed nonsense about "Troops out of the Philipines"! It was called something like the Lasting and Just people of the Philipines. They were anything but just and lasting...perhaps if the Philipines could get their act together, no one would actually be in their business. It sure is convenient to bitch and moan about a crappy country when you're not actually in it. No one cares about the Filipino President, get over it. Take to the streets in your own country to solve your own problems, not here. Tagalog, you're it.

It just wouldn't be a protest if you didn't have gays, communists, angry foreigners, confused liberals, neo-hippies, tourists, bums, burnt-out actors and generally depressed people who just want to belong to something. The problem with many statements was the War in Iraq was barely mentioned, if at all! One was pressing gay rights, another Women's liberation. Idiots will use protests to further their own cause, it's funny. By the time this dummy was finished, there was about 10-12 people in front of the lectern. It was hilarious...yeah, yeah, we all believe in our respective causes; oh crap, it's raining. Gotta go. Fair-weather hippies; now I have heard everything.

One of the main statements that was presented by all of these people was the unity of all of the groups that were "represented". These idiots can't hold a crowd much less a conversation. There is no way there is ever going to be a unity of these groups. Why? They don't believe in themselves, or their "causes". Why? Because they all embrace capitalism and thrive on the American way of life. They love America and what she stands for. They do take for granted what this country has given them, but that's the beauty of this country. It's OK to these people to threaten and speak about it on the weekends, but come Monday; it's right back to cube-land. Phonies! Sure, you will see them wearing the all too famous Che shirts, saying they are commies, socialists and whatnot, but in reality, they are truly fooling themselves. The bulk of the American people don't believe in or listen to these fools to begin with. Much like the Cindy Sheehan nonsense, these will not gain and certainly not hold any sort of momentum. All you can do is laugh at these people, because they are useful for little else. Sad thing is, they know it too.

All in all, this rally was another waste of time for a great many people. If the scientific community were to ever find absolute zero, they could find it in the DC area as a measure of what these fools accomplished. They are not going to end the War in Iraq, the soldiers are. They are never going to unite, because they too realize that what they are doing is utterly fruitless. I think that I would have listened a bit more closely if anyone could agree as to why they were there to begin with! Pick an issue and stick with it. Dummies.


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