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Friday, September 09, 2005
That remains to be seen. This is the story as Yahoo! sees it.

Richard Hatch may be headed to prison for tax evasion. No saint, this Survivor "reality" show winner has had previous run-ins with the law. There was the charge of assaulting his then 9-year-old son (later dropped) and then the charge of assault on his boyfriend.

Dick Hatch was indicted Thursday for failing to report his show winnings of $1,000,000. I wonder if he thought that he could get away with that...being on national TV and everything. Dick Hatch also forgot to report his earnings in the amount of $321,000 from a Boston radio show as well as his rental income. Going along with this theme of criminal activity, Dick Hatch seems to find himself in the midst of allegations that he used donations to his charity "Horizon Bound" to cover personal expenses. Even after winning one million he had to cover personal expenses?

Initially charged with two counts of tax evasion in January, Dick Hatch plead guilty at first, and then backed out of the charges because he "though that CBS was supposed to pay the taxes on his winnings". If convicted on all charges, Dick Hatch is facing up to $1,000,000 in fines and up to 75 years in prison.

Dummy. If I thought that you could afford it at this point, I would try and sell you a bridge. On a related note, although Cindy Sheehan is not a winner, it would be important for her to pay attention to cases like this.


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