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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
In lieu of recent comments that are borderline inane, it can be assumed that we can expect an outburst from Nancy Pelosi at least once a month. For some, "www" has strayed from its original meaning and shifted to one of "what went wrong?". The sooner that people realize the difference between federal and state governmental roles, the better. If anything, this attitude solidifies the liberal want for a broader, more controlling government.

While a national tragedy, it's important to realize that while the head of FEMA is an executively appointed position, Katrina, because of its nature (get it?) was coming whether (get it?) anyone liked it or not. Hurricanes cannot be stopped, and certainly not created by people (even politicians). Therefore, how can one be blamed on a person? I don't see the logic. You might argue that the damage caused is what's being blamed, but that's weak and ineffective because that's not what is happening. The blame game by the left is getting old. Just so long as they keep sinking themselves, I guess that I can stand it.


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