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Saturday, October 29, 2005
I was just watching the DVD of SLC Punk! and happened to think about my time spent in Germany. At any given moment on the weekends, my roommate and I would have several people in our barracks room replete with amps, guitars and drums. Yes, we had a 3-piece in the barracks. The guitar/lead singer was from Kitzingen, GE not too terribly far away, but was a gigantic dope fiend...while in the military. Shame; the dude was a talented guitar player. My roommate played bass and I had the drums. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays were our shows. The staleness of cigarettes and beer filled the halls along with the music created by the now defunct: Tastes Like Pennies.

The Punk Palace used to be filled to the brim with friends and shenanigans every weekend. Wake up and go get Doener Kebaps with the crew and then to work on Monday. Usually surrounded by good people, the Punk Palace had its day. Eventually the bass player and guitarist decided to pursue other things (in the case of the guitarist it was dope) over friendship and the band deteriorated. The times were had, however.

What prompted me to write this entry was the SLC Punk! movie as we all used to watch it now and again. Now that I think back upon the events, I wish that I had a tighter crew. Such is life. At any rate, the band that is in the movie is really called the "Eight Bucks Experiment" (not the uber crap name of "Extreme Corporal Punishment") from Denver, Colorado. I was stranded with them once at a "Gravity Kills" concert about to get a hotel room with them, but no one had money (all of our car's were towed). Funny thing is, the lead singer's dad owns about 7-8 car dealerships...punk as Hell. Random thoughts.


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