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Saturday, October 08, 2005
Talks have been given the go-ahead and are taking place in the seething black hole that is the U.N. Kosovo is rife with ethnic tension and corruption despite the "amazing" 1999 NATO "air war".

Oddly enough, in it's infinite knowledge, the U.N. seems to have forgotten the region and now tensions are flaring back up. Perhaps Zinga can share in this statement: if I have to return to the Balkans again, I am going to be pissed right off.

The Balkans is like a success story for soccer hooligans. Had there been boots on the ground in conjunction with the so-called air war, there would be little problem now. Basically you have one Slobodan Milosevic and his merry band of hooligans causing trouble socialist style. Having decided that communism really does suck after joining the party in 1959, Slobo opted to become a half-assed commie, or socialist. You can see what he accomplished. At any rate, the region needs to be dealt with by using a stronger hand. The U.N. is obviously incapable of handling such a task, but I am pretty sure that a few well-placed A Teams can do the job.


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