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Thursday, October 20, 2005
This article has some entertaining ideas.

Within, the article is basically citing poll data that would suggest a turnover in the House (as in 1994). It is important for people to realize what a turnover would mean for the nation. Because of the ineptitude that has been demonstrated in the past as far as leniency with terrorists (when they are within your grasp, as many as three times), becoming soft at the hands of nations that would like to see problems just go away rather than solve them, pretend to play a centrist attitude, etc., it should be no surprise as to what these people are capable of; creating policy for their own gain, not what's in the nation's best interest.

It is important for the American voter to realize how important candidate research is going to be for 2006 and again in 2008. Because the liberal mindset is accomplished at little besides manipulating the unwitting mind, it is of the utmost importance to realize what a turnover would do to the moral fiber of a nation. Armed with knowledge, the voter can exercise their rights and enjoy free will by not letting a turnover occur. It is the more conservative mind rather than a "free spirit" that is going to keep this country safe when she needs it most. By not listening to the tripe that is put forth (for the most part) by the liberal mindset, the voter is able to see through the facade and make conscious decisions. It should not be difficult to think for yourself, but it seems others would like to do your thinking for you.


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