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Friday, October 28, 2005
While trying to relax a bit this afternoon, I stumbled across C-SPAN and watched Cindy Sheehan speak at the National Press Club. I was less than impressed; apparently, many others were as well.

The camera shooting the "event" was situated at the back of the room where the viewer could see everyone in the room. This "event" was open to press and from the count that was made, 12 showed. There were a lot of empty chairs in that place. There are basically two possible scenarios which would describe the loss; near complete lack of interest in the ditch-witch, or the indictment of Lewis Libby. My guess is the former.

At any rate, the reporters that did show up were probably not cleared to get into press conferences for important events so they were seconded to Sheehan's press conference. After all, who would screen for nut-jobs at that show if the keynote speaker is cut from the same cloth? Most of the reporters were of a foreign nature as well, which kind of surprised me. Really, I guess no one is that interested in the tripe that Sheehan spews anymore.

Sheehan fielded some questions asked by reporter's and didn't really have anything of value to say. She made empty, paltry demands that Bush get troops out of Iraq, explained her $75 fine for sitting on "her" sidewalk in front of the White House and an arrest mere days ago. Carrying about her arrest record like a badge of honor, Sheehan explained that she would not pay and go to trial at which, she would plead "not guilty". While I have seen elementary school children make more concise, well-spoken speeches, Sheehan was pure comedy gold to someone who thinks that she was a disappointment to begin with. Sheehan is not a well-spoken individual at all. All in all, I think that the reporter from a Tokyo newspaper stated it best when she mentioned that she in fact, thinks that Sheehan's support is growing weaker and weaker (which it is).

The worst part is that persons of her caliber don't understand in the slightest how the military works. Her latest antics/gripes are that of a recruiter lying to her son 5 times. She has it nailed down to 5. If that is the biggest and latest gripe, her "movement" is truly going down in flames. Her son reenlisted in the military, for he saw something in the military and the military saw something in him. Such a shame that a mother has to defame her child's name. She should be ashamed of herself, but because she is ignorant, will not be.


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