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Friday, October 14, 2005
With the recent news about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise being cult followers, there is much talk around the old internet that the invasion has begun. To add some spice to the cult, Holmes is now pregnant. Oh boy, another Hollywood bastard child!

While many proponents of the preservation of personal rights would argue that it is their life and citizens shouldn't be concerned with it. Personal rights are a great thing, but in this case, both have placed themselves into the public eye and are deserving of scrutiny.

The S.S. Cruise which officially docked in Looneyville some time ago is a self-proclaimed psychiatry expert. He has also, seemingly, taken control of Katie Holmes's life. With not much of an acting career as of yet, this could spell the end for Katie Holmes. Cruise's career has been in decline for a while now as well. That is not to say that he isn't a decent actor; he is. His personal choices that have led him to making an ass of himself nearly everywhere he goes are left suspect.

Katie Holmes's father is none too happy (and rightly so) about the shotgun wedding. Cruise apparently promised the man that there would be marriage before children. Now, I am no expert on Scientology (I think only L. Ron can be credited with that), but I am pretty sure lying is not a facet of the cult. As a result, this relationship is perhaps doomed. I will stick to my initial 2-year window. There is also noise about a "silent birth" in which the mother of the child must not scream, or cry or basically make any noise whatsoever during the birthing process and at the same time, be free of painkillers. Along with that garbage is the belief that for 7 days after the birth, the child is virtually left alone as to not introduce any form of trauma for the first week on Earth.

There are also the theories floating about that suggest that in exchange for being the front-man for the cult of Scientology, Cruise is presented with a Hollywood trophy wife, to bear him a child. Any way you look at it, Cruise is borderline nuts. Tom Cruise may not be a psychiatry expert, but he is definitely a dummy.


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