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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Michael Steele is the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. An American success story, he won a scholarship to Johns Hopkins University, excelled in his classes, studied theology, and established himself as an intellectually powerful renaissance man. Under his and Governor Ehrlich's stewardship, Maryland now has record low unemployment rates, a budget surplus, and is becoming a model state for environmental balance. On this record of success, Steele announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

The political left hates him, however, because he is black. At most political events Mr. Steele will be called, by the enlightened left, the worst slurs in our language-- an "Uncle Tom" a "race traitor" and far, far worse. At one event, protesters threw Oreo cookies at Mr. Steele, metaphorically showing his "black" outside, but "white" inside.

Members of the left perpetrating racial attacks. Sadly, this is not a new development. Remember this the next time a braided pit, Birkenstock hippy calls the Republican party a racist machine. That while the right encourages and fosters the success of citizens, regardless of color, the left asserts blacks are too stupid to think for themselves and, if they try to do so, must be violently put back in their place.


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