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Sunday, October 09, 2005
With seemingly little press given to this individual, reports are now streaming in that Joel Henry Hinrichs III possessed "jihad material" in his apartment. This event took place on 3 October, 2005.

Joel detonated himself outside of a college football game between OU and Kansas State. No one was injured in the blast beside the obviously blown-up Joel. His apartment complex was evacuated and authorities have not only chalked it up as being a suicide, but are going through his place with a fine-tooth comb. Apparently the authorities also found other dangerous materials (read that as additional bomb making supplies) in Hinrich's apartment. This kid was apparently suffering from severe depression and his father said that it's not likely that he intended to harm anyone.

Oddly enough, two days prior to the actual explosion Joel tried to buy ammonium nitrate from a local Norman, OK store. The police wrote down the license plate number of the vehicle and started an investigation into the kid. Norman, OK and specifically OU are both lucky this disturbed individual injured no one. I am not sure what will come of the "jihad material" lead, but will make amendments to this entry if it develops.


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