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Monday, October 10, 2005

Usually when referring to a Marine that has served his/her respective time in the military, they are called a "former" Marine. When a Marine loses his/her life in the service of the Corps and country, they are called "Ex" Marine. Being that I feel this guy is disrespecting the Corps and his motives are borderline at best, Josh Rushing is a sketchy former Marine.

Rushing has decided to become a liaison to Washington's component of Al-Jazeera, a propaganda network and sponsor of terrorism known the world over. Regardless of what your political affiliation and feelings towards the Defense Secretary, he described Al-Jazeera very accurately by saying:
"perfectly willing to lie to the world" and has "a pattern of playing propaganda over and over and over again"
This can only be viewed as a hindrance to the fledgling Iraqi government. As they are trying to create a new country from the ground up (before the US got there, it was consistently in a state of retrograde operations), Al-Jazeera plays the propaganda that incites insurgent risings and gives new hope to their futile cause. At least the offices were temporarily shut down due to someone realizing this fact.
"I've given my entire adult life to the health and well-being of this nation," Rushing says. "I wouldn't do anything to threaten that."

"What the Marines trained me to do was to represent the best of what America stands for to a foreign audience. That's exactly what I'm going to do."
What's worse is this sketchy former Marine considers this work noble, not seditious. Rushing has obviously added his own misguided twist to what the Marines "trained him to do". They didn't train him to show solidarity for a terrorist network, or show that American's stand for it either. REMF.

In the end, Rushing is just a public affairs pogue with seemingly little experience to speak of (in regards to joining the enemies news network). After presumably passing around his resume to potential employers and only landing a job at Al-Jazeera, it's sad to think this guy is not competent as anything else but a puppet for propaganda. I don't see how this guy can honestly say that he is a voice of America when he sat out Iraqi Freedom from the comfort of the lush paradise that is Doha, Qatar making films.


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