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Friday, November 25, 2005
That's right, I am alluding to the fact the crazy lady Cindy Sheehan is a nut. Presumably, her arrest schedule has allowed her time to return to her summer home in Texas; a ditch. Still dragging her kid's name through the mud Sheehan just won't go away.

Cindy said that she was happy to be among her friends again when she arrived, appropriately, in Waco. She says that she will keep PRESSing with her rented friends until the troops are brought home. I certainly hope this clown realizes that when the troops do come home it is because they finished their job and that she had nothing to do with it.

Once the Queen Cashew arrived, about 100 other nutlings gathered around her nutness for a traditional Iraqi meal. They would have done just as well with a traditional Algerian, Tunisian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese or any other traditional meal in the universe as the Iraqi meal stands for absolutely nothing. If anything, the hosting of the meal by the neo-hippies is a blatant kick to the head of the Iraqi people who are not fortunate enough to afford any meal, let alone a traditional one. The meal is in incredibly poor taste if you ask me.

One of the nutlings had this to say:
"It's significant because the people of Iraq are suffering under our occupation, and for people in America it's business as usual stuffing themselves on fat turkeys," said Tammara Rosenleaf, whose husband is an Army soldier to be deployed in a few weeks."
Well now you clueless wretch, let me make a few comments if I may (the answer is: go right ahead Minus, it is your blog afterall); your alleged significance is just not there. Why? American's were eating turkey long before we ever stepped foot inside of Iraq the first time. My Thanksgiving meal was eaten in honor of those who couldn't be there to enjoy it themselves, something I fear your NG husband doesn't see living with you. As a matter of fact Tammara, I am positive you may suffer from FAWS (that would be Fat Army Wife Syndrome for the non-Army readers), and did stuff yourself full of something this Thanksgiving despite the "plight" of the Iraqi people you really don't care about. On a further note, don't say "our" like it's yours. If your husband puts up with a mouth like yours, it isn't his either. You have already ruined a real soldier's image of your husband because of your solidarity for an idiot and he's not even gone yet. Congratulations dummy.

On a last note, yes, it is business as usual for American's. Why? Because America (save your paltry band of losers) sees right through the publicity stunt that is the Queen Nut and substitutes it with real problems. Shame on the media for ever getting this far engaged with this nonsense. Dissent is fine Rosenleaf, but not when you and your cronies jump on the looney wagon with Sheehan and perpetuate the already wasted airtime. This should have been an "Air America" exclusive from the inception. They can smell "news" (read that as propaganda) like a fart in a car and exploit it as if it were truth. It is truly a shame that the American people had to waste their time with this tripe. Rosenleaf, you may piss right off alongside your buddy Sheehan.

Apparently, there has also been a "monument" erected due to Sheehan's antics. With other monumental news as of late, this is a load of dung. Josh Miner ruined a monument to true American heroes and some moron's decide to pay homage to a completely clueless woman with a shattered life; what are you people thinking? The people who created and or presented this waste of space deserve to have their asses kicked just as much as Josh Miner. As a matter of fact, they would have done better to scrap the rock monument to Sheehan and spent the cash on restoring a true monument. I hope this monument gets wrecked. Dummies.


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