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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Initial Article.

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This piece of human waste is described as Joshua Miner. He saw fit to disrespect and vandalize a memorial honoring those awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation's highest award given to military personnel. This is a bit of an older story, but I just came across it and was disgusted that this turd wrecked a memorial honoring heroes. Stay tuned for trial results.

*Edit: Due to some prompting by A Man In The Arena, I will not wait for the trial results to give true-felt anger about this moron.

Joshua Miner does, in fact, deserve to have his ass kicked as AMITA suggests. What is suggested by Miner himself is that he "freaked out" when the glass broke. This monument to heroes was desecrated with intent by the jackass that is Miner. As it stands, the 3,460 individuals that are listed as recipients on the monument have every right to haunt Miner until the day he dies...or enlists to repent. Only then will he come that much closer to the word (and associated meaning that can only be garnered by serving) sacrifice. This turd has shown little if any respect for not only the dead, but for heroes to many. I say many because I am sure there is some liberal neo-hippy out there somewhere chanting how great this kid is for his "statement". Much like I repel vampires with garlic in the antemortem moments, I will repel the neo-hippy with a bar of Dove.

In reality, this kid is little more than an inept dumbass. If the "runaway bride" got some community service for faking her own kidnapping, this kid needs to be equipped with a LoJack and a lawnmower for about 4 years. If I was the judge I would hand down one of those infamous serve or go to jail sentences. At that point two things could be determined by Joshua Miner's lack of moral fiber: he serves and learns respect and discipline, or he goes to jail and becomes someone's bitch. This future frat boy needs to take some time to learn respect and discipline before taking "action". What a dummy.


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