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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Despite the fact that "only" 211 of 36,000 districts are burning a police spokesman says that France isn't burning. I guess it's only the parts with burned out cars, destroyed schools, malls and post offices that are affected then.

Jack Chirac vows order as France continues to burn. What could have been chalked up to angry youths who would rather burn and destroy everything vice fix their situation, is now credited with being coordinated by militant Islamists. Uh oh! I guess that Chirac should do something about it now. Quit being so soft on these people...but at the same time, don't make them live in crappy conditions! There are several video games out there including those set in medieval Europe, that teach that very concept...get on it Chirac!

Lead-pipe cruelty as has been exhibited by the Islamists (by shooting police with shotguns and hurling molotov cocktails and rocks at them), should be dealt with by using an iron hand. OK, so they are mad they live in bad neighborhoods; that can be fixed. What cannot be fixed is the fact they are lame-ass Islamists allowed to do as much damage as they have thus far. Wake up France.


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