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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Fuck them straight to hell. Everyday there's some new TV show on about how great and witty and omnipotent doctors are. No profession in America is loaded with as much arrogance as our Doctors. No other community has been more wrong than the fucking medical community-- fuck, only a few hundred years ago the medical proffession consisted of drilling holes in patients' heads to release evil spirits. Sad to say, it hasn't advanced much. Learned in the arts of hocus-pocus and esoteric jargon, the same skull drilling cock bag now loves nothing more than to smile and pat your head as you question his diagnosis.

You: I don't think I have hyperalitosisquandrium. I think my stomach just fucking hurts and I need some medicine for it.

Doctor: Look at you little guy, you said hyperalitosisquandrium. Now, take off your pants and let me play with your balls....

Little does he know or care that a hundred years from now some new batch of shithead no nothing doctors will look back at our practices and say "goddamn what a bunch of barbarians. Luckily, now we have it all figured out though..."

Patronizing, ego inflated shit fucks...thats what doctors are. We should round them all up and let Dick Cheney drink their blood.

Upon further reflection I realized that a friend's wife is a doctor and is neither a shit fuck or a skull drilling cock bag. She is, in fact, a wonderful woman who is undoubtedly very good at her job. This rant is largely directed at a) ER and b) the 500 million or so other doctors who are not her.

Fuck Idaho too.


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