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Saturday, November 12, 2005
What I find partially disturbing but not to surprising is the left's trepidation of principles. It runs particularly unchecked within the ranks of the leftist youth, more specifically the leftist radical. This concern comes not from spite, but from observation of politics and people in general. Although perhaps a bit stereotypical but at the same time undeniable, the leftist radical of whom I speak is easily spotted. While principles and actual study of their favored ideology is put on the back-burner to that of fashion, this may be where an initial problem sets in.

With the famed Che Guevara t-shirts always a favorite, the unkempt hair with the jeans, tweed sports coat and perhaps some Birkenstock sandals will not entirely complete the ensemble until the telltale scarf is delicately wrapped around the radical's neck. Perhaps rather large sets of chops are grown to go along with the speckled and perhaps sparse goatee that is all too common. Think of the clueless college "radical" at your campus and you have a good general idea of the caliber of person that I am speaking about.

Fans of the like of Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro and other associated ilk, the leftist radical favors more government involvement (to the tune of communism and socialism) as well as rapid changes in government. Yes, a more rapid change in the government that they would like to see more of. They would love for the government to tell them what to do with their money and how much of it they can have according to the stratification of classes. What is not realized by this type of individual (among many other things) is that there is a natural stratification of people; it's sometimes referred to as "human nature".

With over 50 per cent of the economy being controlled by the government as it is, the United States is coming dangerously close to socialism. While the leftist radical would like to think that's a good thing, it is not. The reality of the matter is the very personal freedoms they are willing to sacrifice in the name of socialism are to be completely taken control of by their own logic. The very terms of liberty and freedom have been brought to the brink of existence in relation to their traditional intentions by the likes of the leftist radical. Instead, they have come to mean a planning and collectivism of society. The conservative (and more logical moderate minds) are not, and cannot allow this to happen. This would assuredly mean the destruction of our way of life, as we know it.

Fighting an enemy on several fronts is not an enticing thought to anyone, least of whom is the conservative minds that usually find themselves at the forefront of national defense. Another facet of leftist propaganda is a need for that of reduction in national defense. Former President Clinton achieved this destruction during his time in office. The nation is still feeling the effects of his downsizing of the military. Fighting for these concepts is justified to the leftist, but at the same time should never have been an issue according to the conservative mindset.

While I don't like to have to choose between the two mindsets in regards to extremities, I would rather read more about the mindset of the reactionary conservative vice the radical liberal. The reasoning of choosing a conservative mindset is fairly simple; conservatives favor a smaller government, lower taxes (also a need to return to the idea of a flat tax), more spending on military readiness (undoubtedly to fix the destructive downsizing) but at the same time, a reduction in involvement in world conflicts. Also of note is a conservative choice of school vouchers as well as turning control of said legislation to that of local agencies vice the liberal opinion of wanting a subsidized education through the college level.

While the radical's weapon of choice these days has become the "non-violent" protest such as the misguided and embarrassing intentions of persons like Cindy Sheehan, they accomplish very little and aren't really a threat on the larger scene. On a localized level, these persons are a very real threat to the infrastructure of the United States. It has always been a favorite tactic of the left; that is to say that the unwitting mind is at risk of manipulation by these clueless individuals who would rather spread propaganda than try and either fix, or eliminate problems altogether. Without education of politics and the true agenda of the left (that being the propagation of the American way of life towards socialism and eventually, complete government control), these people are a threat due to the pejorative use of utter stupidity.

I hope that the American people are smart enough to realize that with the combined power of education and voting rights, the radical left will not have a voice in this country and reduce it to socialism. It is time for the conservative mindset to take a closer look at what they used to stand for and at the same time restore freedom and liberty to their intended states.


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