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Friday, November 11, 2005
In light of the recent cowardly attacks in Amman, Jordan, the Jordanian people have taken to the streets by the thousands to say no to terrorism. Jordan's King Abdullah seems to be a square guy and a down in the dirt leader of his people.

It has been said several times before but it's a shame to think that these individuals [terrorists] think that they are in any form, heroic. Despised even by themselves, terrorism is such a misguided, backwards principle. I sincerely hope that the individuals are sent straight to Hell to burn for eternity. The Jordanian's seem to be on the right track (save the obvious retarded individual in Iraq who is running for his paltry life at the moment) and I hope greater steps are taken to rid the world of terrorism. By this I mean that several other countries need to get off of their dead asses and do something about it. All of the non-players want to come to the party but not help clean up...wrong answer.


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