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Sunday, November 27, 2005
Let me start off with this piece from Tookie Williams:
The Apology

Twenty-five years ago when I created the Crips youth gang with Raymond Lee Washington in South Central Los Angeles, I never imagined Crips membership would one day spread throughout California, would spread to much of the rest of the nation and to cities in South Africa, where Crips copycat gangs have formed. I also didn't expect the Crips to end up ruining the lives of so many young people, especially young black men who have hurt other young black men.

Raymond was murdered in 1979. But if he were here, I believe he would be as troubled as I am by the Crips legacy.

So today I apologize to you all -- the children of America and South Africa -- who must cope every day with dangerous street gangs. I no longer participate in the so-called gangster lifestyle, and I deeply regret that I ever did.

As a contribution to the struggle to end child-on-child brutality and black-on-black brutality, I have written the Tookie Speaks Out Against Gang Violence children's book series. My goal is to reach as many young minds as possible to warn you about the perils of a gang lifestyle.

I am no longer "dys-educated" (disease educated). I am no longer part of the problem. Thanks to the Almighty, I am no longer sleepwalking through life.

I pray that one day my apology will be accepted. I also pray that your suffering, caused by gang violence, will soon come to an end as more gang members wake up and stop hurting themselves and others.

I vow to spend the rest of my life working toward solutions.

Amani (Peace),

Stanley "Tookie" Williams, Surviving Crips Co-Founder,
April 13, 1997
Gov. Schwarzenegger is facing a difficult decision right about now. He has the opportunity to grant Tookie Williams clemency and stay his execution, or he can effectively pull the switch on the murderer. After all I have read I am more inclined to support the latter. Tookie is in the klink for murdering four people. Because he wrote some books against that lifestyle (for which he has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize) he expects to live out his sad life in jail and so do a few others. Among the others is the semi-famous rapper "Snoop Dogg". Gee "Snoop", my guess is that if Tookie hadn't co-founded your Alma mater then you wouldn't be defending him today; fo' shizzle.

By writing books speaking out against activities in which you have already lived out doesn't deserve leniency or erase the fact that you killed four people 23 years ago. Tookie has been turned down before in regards to the appeal of his death sentence. Facts remain that he had a competent lawyer and a fair trial. He was found guilty and received the death penalty. It just so happens the last time this tripe came out of the 9th Circuit was when Davis was Governor of California. Now it's Schwarzenegger's turn and he's a Republican, so that's why all the heat this time.

Of course, I am really of the opinion that I would prefer if the media doesn't Schiavo this event. State's rights and legislation are there for a reason; give it a try 9th Circuit! Unlike Tookie, if common sense prevails, the judges on the Court will be the only ones serving for life. Sorry, no cooks for you Tooks.


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