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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There were 17 individuals arrested in a pre-dawn raid in Australia. The 17 morons were part of two separate groups competing to be the first to launch a major terrorist attack in Australia. A local president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Ameer Ali, said the country's nearly 300,000-member Muslim community was shocked at the number of arrests and that all the suspects appeared to be Muslims. Fortunately everyone else in Australia wasn't surprised. Why? Because extremist Muslims carry out terrorist attacks; it's not just an unfair stereotype attached to these miscreants.

Kudos to the authorities of Australia for taking down yet another number of scumbags. Also, congratulations to John Howard for not being a sissy like France and France's annex to the west, Canada for realizing that terrorism is not a local affair; it affects the world.

What's good news for the world is that terrorists are in such confusion that they have to compete to kill themselves. They follow the "ideals" of their elder mentally-unstable mentors and get nowhere. Guess what? There aren't 72 virgins waiting for you. I am willing to bet there is a whole sack full of nothing waiting for idiots like you.


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