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Friday, December 09, 2005
If you have never seen the movie "PCU" with Jeremy Piven and David Spade, it is definitely worth a watch. In it you will find the definition of the "Cause Head". They pick an "important" issue and stick with it...for about a week. In this case, these Cause Heads have chosen the issue of Tookie Williams (co-founder of the gang called the Crips) getting killed via the death penalty he earned. Personally, I think that although Tooks may be a nice guy now and trying to say "sorry", that does not change the fact that he brutally murdered 4 people years ago.

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At any rate, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is now faced whether to give Tooks clemency by staying his execution, or having him executed. Kind of a difficult decision to be making. In this case, Tooks had a competent lawyer and was tried by a competent jury and he was in fact, found guilty. So long Tooks.

What I find hilarious about the caliber of Tookie's supporters such as the dolts pictured above is that they are, in fact, Cause Heads in the truest definition. Take for example their slogan: "Smash the Racist Death Penalty". If they are to stick with this slogan, they are calling the black man a racist for the numbers are clear. The name of the statistics is: "RACIAL STATISTICS OF EXECUTIONS and DEATH ROW IN THE UNITED STATES". That would seem to be a bit hard to cherry-pick to make your point, but these dummies found a way...I don't know how.

What you will find if you actually choose to do the research vice take to the streets armed with stupidity such as these "supporters" have, is that blacks comprise of 34% of the executed with 338 dead, Hispanics comprise of 6% of the executed with 63 dead, whites comprise of 58% of the executed with 579 dead and others comprise of 2.3% of the executed and 22 dead. This last number may be in direct correlation to the brains of Tookie supporters, I am not sure. At any rate, with the whites consisting of 58% of the executed I don't see how these morons can possibly turn it into a racial issue, yet someone always tries.

Here is a new slogan for you dummies (one that actually has logic and reasoning behind it): "Capitalism: Smash the Welfare State". I suppose that "Read A Newspaper or Book" would also apply.


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