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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
On a forum I was perusing the other day I happened to notice a link to this girl's myspace spot.

What is odd about it you might ask? Well, after you sift through all of the inane commie crap (that obviously isn't believed by the author even), you will find her musical interests. Among the list are Vanilla Muffins, Angelic Upstarts, Cock Sparrer, "some ska" and "some alternative". Hmmm...for a girl who is spouting her belief in communism, why would she listen to bands that are exclusively labeled as Rock Against Communism (RAC) bands?

Nice work Melanie. Perhaps that's why it was abandoned in September of this year. Perhaps she is part of a larger group of "communists" who see the ideology for what it really is: fashionable. She has probably seen the manifesto but hasn't read it; thinks it's cool to have a copy of Das Kapital collecting dust on a shelf without reading it and pasting words such as 'proletariat', 'working class' and 'Oi!' on the internet without knowing their meaning. Again, nice work Melanie; I am sure your parents are proud of the money they wasted on your political science degree (no, really). How exactly does a corporate giant like Wet Seal fit into your ideology again?

A Man In The Arena, perhaps you should give her a call. She is from Boston...supposedly.


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