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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Alright, nearly everyone knows now that Tookie Williams is deed. So be it. I can say that given the research and reading that I did; he got what he deserved. I am glad that the California Governor stuck to his decision and made the one that he did.

Here at Minus the Nemesis, we get strange keyword requests every now and again that have people land here. With some of the people I wonder how they figured out how to type, some others knew what they were looking for. Here is an example of a clueless one: "raymond lee washington crips murdered". While it may fit into either category, I would put it in the 'knew what they were looking for' pile. The reasoning being that this person is convinced that Tooks was murdered, not executed as he deserved. I would agree if Tooks was shanked with a sharpened-toothbrush in the chow hall line, but Tooks was a murderer. It is a shame that there are people out there that are so convinced they are right that they shut out all logic and reasoning. Tooks is gone, so be it. That is all.


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