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Sunday, January 22, 2006
Bolivia has just elected a socialist weasel as president. Evo Morales (who you may remember shares the same sleeping bag with Castro and Chavez) says that his government's move to socialism will be independent and not influenced by outside powers. Besides outside powers like Cuba and Venezuela you mean? One of the biggest selling points on this puppets agenda includes natural gas. Who wants to bet that we will be seeing more of ousted German chancellor Gerhard Scrotum, er Schroeder and Russian president Vladimir Putin paying more attention to Bolivia?

The situation kind of reminds me of this t-shirt available here:


At any rate, this deserves special attention by the US. With morons like Castro and Chavez coaching from the sidelines to mold Bolivia into something they can manipulate at the expense of the people that live there (as Socialism and Communism tend to do), the US should pay attention to and offer her own coaching staff to prevent another failed nation in South America. Hopefully with this coaching, Morales will see fit the benefits of a free-market vice the more radical, damaging ways of his bed-buddies.


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