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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
No surprise found here.

Should you choose not to read this article (I highly recommend it, if for no other reason that to show what an idiot this woman truly is), I will briefly describe it for you.

This week on Sheehanigans, the Cashew got the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry to sponsor her visit to the country to attend an anti-war type rally. It is genuinely comforting to know that a country with no troops in said war are protesting it. No, no, it really makes sense.

While there, Sheehan has praised the socialist weasel Hugo Chavez and intends to meet with the equally-deranged individual. With no one really caring about Sheehan and her ilk in the United States (except perhaps the IRS and FBI) where most people have seen through her insipid ranting, she has taken to Venezuela to show solidarity with communism and socialism. What a surprise. If this isn't evidence that both systems are a step backwards, I don't know what is. With Sheehan becoming a member of the self-proclaimed "axis of good" by association, she has taken the next step from completely going off the deep end; she has dug herself a hole.

Why is it that from her crew of "supporters" that only the queen nut went to Venezuela? Supporters indeed. Dummies, the lot of 'em.


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