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Saturday, January 14, 2006
One of many articles.

In the above article, the account of Chris Penley, an eighth-grader of Winter Springs, Florida has died of his wounds. Initially, Chris pulled out a pellet pistol in his classroom forcing a student into a closet.

Chris apparently led Florida S.W.A.T. team members on a short chase that ended in one of the school's bathrooms. Chris raised the pellet pistol (which for all intents looked like it was a 9mm Beretta to the S.W.A.T. members) when the authorities put him down. Chris later died of his injuries in the hospital where his organs will be donated.

While a shame that this kid is now dead, let's face some facts: this kid was an idiot for even pulling out a toy gun in his school. To make matters worse he turns it into a micro-hostage situation with the kid in the closet and then raises his toy gun as if to fire at the authorities. Even more disturbing is that the kid painted or taped over the portion of the barrel that is usually bright pink or orange designating it as a fake. I wonder what society will claim is responsible this time? Which movie, or music is to blame this time? In previous instances I would say that downright crappy parenting is to blame. Reason: how could you not know that your "little angels" are building IEDs in your basement? Answer: You are a crappy parent.

I don't know so much about this instance with Chris and the Florida S.W.A.T., but as it develops I will try and make an educated decision based on the facts. Until then, I say that while unfortunate, the kid was an idiot. I am also disturbed by some of the comments made by neighbors and fellow students:
"He was a quiet kid - polite and everything. He was just a normal teenager."

Paul Cavallini, Neighbor
A normal teenager doesn't bring toy guns to school with the intent on shoving kids into closets at gunpoint, Paul.
"...told me he wanted to kill himself dozens of times."

Patrick Lafferty, Neighbor
Apparently according to the young Lafferty he had known Chris for over six years and had been told "dozens of times" that he wanted to end his own life. Exactly how many times did you tell someone of Chris' intentions? Did you just not care? Gee, guess it's real now isn't it? Kelly Swofford, also a neighbor said the boy had run away from home several times. Her 11-year-old son, Jeffery Swofford, said Penley had said he had something planned.
""He said `I hope I die today because I don't really like my life,'"

Jeffery Swofford, Neighbor, Schoolmate
How many times had you mentioned this to someone that day? The incident began at 0938...school convenes prior to that time. Weak.

An excerpt from the article:
Jeffery Swofford said Penley had been in a disagreement with someone, allegedly over a girl. There was going to be a fight Friday, he said. "I heard a rumor that he had a BB gun, but I didn't think he really had one," he added.

At the school Friday, Marie Hargis, whose son and daughter attend Milwee, held a sign that read "Stop the violence."

"My youngest daughter is just very emotionally messed up," she said. "She started crying and said, `Mommy, I don't want to go back.' They should not fear having to go to school."
All because of a fight eh? So, several people apparently knew of this kids emotions and even the event that was to take place, but no one did anything? Well, Marie Hargis brought a sign after the shooting took place...good work dummy, you're helping a lot; but you are right that children shouldn't have to fear going to school.

Moral of my rant/entry: parents should pay more $#@!*^% attention to their kids! While you are reading about this incident and thinking about what society will place the blame on and while you wait for the report to come out, some kid out there thinks it's acceptable to settle the score with guns and bombs at school. Lay off the lameass "Time Out" corner bullshit and discipline your children so that there is no question about what is right and what is wrong. Within those defined confines of your applied discipline it is natural for your kid to experiment with your defined laws; so be it. It is a hell of a lot better than losing your kid to some stupid crap like in Florida. Crappy parents make me sick.


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