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Sunday, January 22, 2006
As many readers may or may not know, there was a large disturbance in the force not too long ago detailing the process of eminent domain. In this article the protestors are taking it a step further. Have a read won't you?

Should you choose not to read the article, I will try and sum it up for you here. A while back a Supreme Court ruling (in this blogs opinion, a crappy ruling) allowed localized governments the power to be able to seize an individual's property for the use of economic development. Read that as: if you can make money off of the land, then it's at risk. There are several people unhappy about the concept of eminent domain, and they should be. It is the legal (sneaky) way of stripping away your rights to private property and liberty.

Some 'activists' (many know how I feel about the stigma surrounding activists) have taken the ruling to the next level. Justice David Souter was one Justice who voted in favor of eminent domain. Now, a group led by a California man is petitioning to have Souter evicted from his own home (in New Hampshire) and have a hotel named the "Lost Liberty Hotel" erected in its place. All in the name of eminent domain. This did get enough signatures to be brought before voters in March by the way. This will be interesting and you should keep an eye on it!


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