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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Oh boy, another one.


Technically, the above photo is of a scrotum in that it contains two nuts. Evo Morales is now in a self-described "axis of good" with other nuts like Castro and Chavez. This particular nut is in a different class from that of the Sheehan-Rosenleaf variety in that he may represent a valid argument and an equally realistic threat. When combined with Castro and Chavez (two obviously insane persons), there is no good whatsoever that will come of it.

Already being pimped by the Cubans, Morales is going on a tour of places like Europe, South Africa, China and Brazil. The United States is not on his agenda. A former coca farmer, Morales is focusing on social and economic problems and attempting to solve them by utilizing the ideas of nationalism and socialism (no doubt fueled by Hugo and Fidel). He touts that Hugo in Venezuela and Fidel in Cuba are making strides in leftist policies and social movements. Morales has also given himself the title of "Washington's Nightmare".

Meanwhile in the real world, these three are being scrutinized and evaluated I am sure. While not taken completely seriously, the three are worthwhile of more notable interest. To ignore these clowns would be like laughing off Hitler in the late '30s. At any rate, keep an eye on this situation and watch for all of the US "communists" and "socialists" who are undoubtedly counting coup for this "revolution". Dummies.


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