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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The title is reference to Greenpeace's financing of terrorist activities in 2003 (Copenhagen); look it up.

Two climbers named Huw Williams and Nyls Verhauelt decided to disrupt a pro-nuclear power speech given by England's PM Tony Blair. At any rate, these two bumbleheads decided to wow the world by climbing in the rafters and unfurling an anti-nuclear banner. It did have a genius slogan though...check it out: "Nuclear: Wrong Answer". Whoever the Einstein is that writes slogans for Greenpeace should be awarded accordingly; with a swift kick to the junk. "Cat Food: Good for Cats" is an equally acceptable and powerful slogan according to the Greenpeace logic.

Tony Blair, a steadfast ally to the United States stayed calm and collected and delivered the speech albeit a bit late. One of the slogan-toting dummies had this to say:
"We should have a democratic right to have a voice here as well. This was the only way we could say what we wanted to say."
I think that the democratic intent was misplaced when they decided to interrupt the Prime Minister and creep around in the rafters, dropping leaflets on people. Being that it was only two of them I am not so sure they accomplished much at all except making fools of themselves. They did accomplish one thing; making a mockery of themselves and living up to the name of their parent organization.


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