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Monday, February 27, 2006
When is the last time that you saw Denzel Washington headline a newspaper? Never is my guess. I have seen tripe like Madonna, er, Esther (this week) and the skinny version of the more talented half of the Penn brother's like to spew all over the front pages. Where do you think I read about Penn and his S.S. Minnow story? Front page slick. Where did I read about an outstanding person like Denzel Washington and how he visited wounded soldiers and their families at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio? In the back somewhere. Why does the media think it's taboo to support the troops in public? A shame, I say.

Moreover, raving asshats like Joel Stein can have his "opinion" and it makes some headlines. Maybe it's because of his guest spots on VH1 where he sits like a chimp providing "insight" of days past? Who is to say? Not me, I will continue to say the media is bias and for the most part can kiss my ass.


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