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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
This is utterly confusing and disturbing to say the least.

A group of investors from Chance Enterprises is planning on boosting economic development by putting in the Crossroads Gaming Resort and Spa about a mile from Gettysburg. That's right; that would be the battle that lasted 3 days and claimed 600,000 lives and left over 50,000 wounded. The battle more or less defined the tide of the War Between the States.

A battlefield of this magnitude shouldn't be placed on an endangered list, but it has been. As a matter of fact, it tops the list. It is a downright shame that American history of this caliber is being threatened by slot machines. In my opinion, sites such as Gettysburg should be preserved as they are part of our heritage as American people.

All in all, I say if you want to gamble that bad, take your chubby digits to the internet, or pack up Timmy's college fund and head to Atlantic City. Perhaps investors from Chance Enterprises will also want to make a waterslide next in Pearl Harbor? Leave Gettysburg the Hell alone.


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