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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
There is recent news of FEMA pulling the plug on its free housing for many displaced persons of Hurricane Katrina. In the article FEMA claims that it has gone and knocked on the 25,000 subsidized hotel rooms "no fewer than six times". That's a lot of knocking.

Apparently some refused to answer their knocks and some even ran when they saw FEMA coming. These are the persons that are being evicted now. I am willing to bet this caliber of person is the same who decided to squander their $2000.00 USD FEMA-issued debit card to buy purses and shoes and even designer jeans. What's more is that there were some protesting at the hotel! Take all that energy and run along and try to get work and stop trying to live off of my tax dollars.

I think that Frank Michel, a spokesman for the mayor of Houston said it right: "People need to begin to take responsibility for themselves". Freeloaders.


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