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Monday, February 13, 2006
If you for some reason haven't heard all of the chatter, VP Dick Cheney was involved in a hunting accident. Of course the Hollywood Set has already started in on the "jokes". Granted, there are going to be some funny ones out there to make light of the situation, but the one that I heard George Clooney Clowny tell was downright lame. It was to the tune of something like: "Dick Cheney called me and asked if I wanted to go hunting this weekend." Hardy har har Clowny.

Perhaps the fact that Clowny is unoriginal has carried over into his lack of Academy Award stats. Who is to say? At any rate, I think that Clowny should use material that he can relate to. For example:

Clowny: "What do Harry Whittington and I have in common?"
Anyone who cares: "I don't know Clowny, but I am sure you are going to tell us."
Clowny: "That's right; now we've both taken a shot to the face!"


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