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Sunday, February 05, 2006

There are tons of links to the video and other resources explaining the unfortunate event. Basically what happens is that the cop is a jumpy one that pulled a Corvette over after a brief chase for excessive speed. The details leading up to the event are basically that the driver Luis Fernando Escobedo, 21 and Senior Airman Elio Carrion left a party and were driving to a store. The idiot driving the Corvette ditched the scene and left Carrion (or he was smart enough not to run, as I am guessing) to the wolves as it were. The driver was caught and charged with felony evading while Carrion was charged with absolutely nothing. Why? Because he didn't do anything but comply with the jumpy cop's orders.

A Chino, California resident happened to film the incident. A 40-second clip that is on the internet in numerous places shows the jumpy cop with his weapon drawn and pointed at Carrion who is supporting himself on one hand with his face lit up by the jumpy cop's flashlight. At one point you hear Carrion declare that he is unarmed and is in the military. Carrion, who is an Air Force policeman, offered his badge to the jumpy cop at one point. The jumpy cop tells him several times to get up to which Carrion replies "I'm gonna get up". The jumpy cop responds by firing no less than four times at Carrion hitting him three times.

Thankfully, Carrion after being hit it the chest, legs and ribs is listed in good condition at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, California. What pisses me off the most is that the jumpy cop is unquestionably out of line. It would seem to me that the jumpy cop already had Carrion on the ground, why not cuff him and then have him get up? That would make sense. I think that this jumpy cop just plain screwed up and someone ended up getting shot for no apparent reason. The jumpy cop is on administrative leave as is SOP for shooting incidents. Here is the next thing that pisses me off: of all the references listed of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Gary Penrod and Chino, California not a single one has listed any sort of press release explaining anything. With that information I would encourage you, reader, to write to these three entities asking why there is no information concerning the event. Something this high profile would surely warrant a public announcement. If, in the event that you do decide to write any of the following agencies, do so with respect please. If you have a legitimate concern about the event you will no doubt do so with tact and reserve all the while expecting answers (i.e. if you are a self-proclaimed anarchist or socialist like "leftside" save your childish emails about how cops suck and whatnot; they are a waste of time).

Links of Interest:

California Penal Code
*NOTE: Nowhere in this penal code is there reference to the authorized use of force if a subject is in compliance with the Peace Officer. See Section 836 for arrest procedures.
California Peace Officer and Standards Training
*NOTE: I have looked the POST curriculum over and don't see the section that promotes the shooting of unarmed military personnel.
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Public Information
*NOTE: Of interest are the following email addresses to which you can write to inquire about the incident: Public Affairs, Internal Affairs, Civil Liabilities and San Bernardino County Police Academy


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