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Sunday, February 05, 2006
Islam is regarded as a religion built upon piety and humility, peace and understanding. Somehow I think that those Muslims burning and vandalizing Danish interests in Beirut will undoubtedly spread to burning the interests of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria before too long. I am also confident that these events aren't related to either peace or understanding.

The whole rift in the Muslim community started when some dude from a Danish newspaper printed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a negative light. According to Islam, Muhammad isn't even supposed to be made into a likeness, nor is Allah. Well, in the Qur'an, there is not a specific reference to that. The closest thing to it is in chapter 42, verse 11. Basically it says "there is nothing like a likeness of Him". The Muslims have taken their interpretation to the extreme and are promoting peace and understanding with violence. That doesn't make sense to me.

I think that there were some things that were glanced right over when printing said cartoons, like common sense. Basically the cartoons were printed as to represent Muslims and specifically the Prophet Muhammad as terrorists, bomb-makers, etc. I don't think that this is representative of the whole religion or the peoples, but the cartoons would have you think so. I think that it is part of the growing European mistrust of Muslims as a whole. This combined with Iran giving the finger to the international community will prove to be interesting in the coming days.


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