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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Cindy Sheehan (who the hell is that, you may ask), was arrested again outside of the UN in New York after refusing to move from a doorway. She wasn't alone; three other dummies joined her. Keep in mind that they initially had 20 protesters but apparently dedication to the cause tested the resolve of the other 16. At any rate, the ultimate goal was to deliver a petition with a paltry 60,000 signatures on it to the UN to urge them to prevent civil war in Iraq. The petition was not received and so the Cashew and her paltry band of losers threw a fit and sat in front of the door.
"I was sent down (I work in the furnace-room) to receive the paper with names on it, but there were three big babies blocking the door. So I went for a smoke break in the lounge instead."

--UN Employee
Nice; real classy.

No one is really sure of the Cashew's goals anymore; not even the Queen Nut herself could tell you. Her "goals" have shifted from camping in ditches to sponsored trips by socialist weasels. This is just another stage in her demise. What an empty shell that nut is. Hopefully the police will allow the Queen Nut her petition back so that she can recycle the paper it's written on; it's good for little else.


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