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Sunday, March 19, 2006
Said Dummies in the Wire.

I think this is pretty funny and right in line with the previous post. The valiant protesters of Ann Arbor, Michigan are taking to the streets to protest the "domestic spying programs". Minus, how are they going to stick it to the man this time? Get this: they are going to take mug shots of each other and label them "war protester". Get it? That will teach those pesky feds! Dummies.

What's even more hilarious is that they plan to turn in the mug shots with labels into the Department of Homeland Security officials at the local federal building as part of the "turn yourself into the National Security Agency" initiative. Sounds like fun guys, but why not just send it to the NSA? Or did you realize that your "cause" is in fact a big pile of crap waiting to be appropriately placed in the garbage? You must further realize that the Department of Homeland Security isn't the NSA right?

Peaceworks is the group responsible for this remarkable idea to take pictures of themselves and send them to the wrong agency to make a "point". Director of the group, Phillis Engelbert, slightly retarded, said this: "We want to save them the effort, and show them who we are," Great Phillis except no one gives a crap who you are, much less wants your picture. I am pretty sure you and your time-wasting friends will save the government money just as you suggest, not by the methods you presented but for the simple reasons that I can only imagine what they are going to do with your pictures. Being that they can't retain the pictures, perhaps they could just erase the moustache off of yours (to alter the appearance) and keep it around the office for some dartboard love?

The best part of this whole deal is that these dummies obviously have no clue how their government works. The news even gave tons of clues as to the allegations of domestic spying; it was in reference to wiretapping. Do you expect them to wiretap your pictures then and just let them sit in the office all the while with looks and thoughts of, "Hey, they aren't talking much." You make me laugh, Phillis; not because your funny but because you think this will accomplish something.

"As far as we're concerned we have no interest in people exercising their first amendment rights," said Senior Special Agent Greg Stejskal. That's the nice way of saying you can be a dummy and waste a Sunday if you want to. Good luck with that.


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