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Monday, March 06, 2006
On a forum that I frequently visit, one of the users's brought about an interesting, occurrence. The user pointed out the irony of Ms. Barbara Streisand's website and a particular entry and also pointed out that a celebrity of her caliber should perhaps run her tired tripe through a spell checker. In the article, Ms. Streisand refers to President Bush as an arrogant C student (which isn't a crime), but the irony is the amount of spelling errors! Among the most notable were:


If that isn't calling the kettle black. As there are numerous examples of it, I am sure it's not the last time! Good find I say! The best one is her paltry "defense" letter on her website. She blames Republicans for attacking her on the "least pertinent level". Well gee Barb, I think that if you are writing to the House Minority Leader you would want your "memo" to be error free, wouldn't you? Is the position of House Minority Leader not pertinent in some way? She tries to blame her atrocious spelling on a host of things, including employees. It makes me wonder if she knows that the red and green lines under most of her typed documents weren't the "Xmas Package" installed by Microsoft. Take responsibility for yourself woman.
"The manner in which this memo was leaked obliterated the imperative message of the note by drawing attention only to the fact that a few words had been misspelled."
I beg to differ Barb; it was the egregious spelling that obliterated the message (which wasn't imperative in the slightest). What was the Yiddish word for "dummy" again?


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