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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: ARABIC FOR "ASSHAT"

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Iran has threatened the US with "harm and pain" for the role that the US has played in trying to stop Iran from uranium enrichment. Mahmoud, if by harm and pain you mean to have another Iranian hostage crisis a la 1979; forget about it. Dismissed as nothing but shallow rhetoric, the White House is standing by its decision along with several other EU nations to ensure that a generally irresponsible government like Iran doesn't produce nuclear weapons. If anything, statements like this solidify the reasoning of the collective nations as to why Iran should most definitely not have nuclear weapons.

I am fairly confident that Iran has already caused the US as well as the participating EU nations "harm and pain" by having to be babysat by the world. Furthermore, if you have to ask to build something in your own country, I am sure that's a sign of being inept. I would focus more on getting your country in order and under control, Tehran. Then perhaps it would be prudent to worry about what is going on outside of your obviously unstable world. Until then: sit down, shut up and get your country straight.


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