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Sunday, March 19, 2006
It was no large surprise that anti-war protests didn't bring in much of a crowd. Let's face it; I can draw more protesters with a number 2 pencil and some sketch paper than the likes of the anti-war steez biters combined. I was sifting through all the loser reports and found one interesting (no, not really) quote by the Queen Nut: "Katrina only happened because of the incompetence and callousness of the (Bush) administration, just as we've seen in Iraq,"

I have already mentioned in previous posts about why these people make no sense and are going nowhere fast, but this is a good one. Really Cindy? Man can control nature on a whim? It's quotes like these that make it necessary for the Cashew to make sure that critics know she is referring to the ensuing mess and not the weather. But anyhow, as the topic has been discussed ad nauseum and people like her still don't get the fact that the current administration isn't to blame, it's funny to hear and make light of her useless banter. And for the record: you haven't seen shit in Iraq, but I am willing to bet that you can tell me what the inside of Hugo Chavez' office looks like...well, at least the ceiling anyway. Dummy.


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