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Sunday, April 23, 2006
I am under the impression that New Orleans is built upon history; proud history. Never mind that it was the French that built that dump below sea level, but now I am confused about the Mayoral elections going on down there. New Orleans has Mayor Ray Nagin (yeah, the same one who shit the bed during Katrina, the snake in the grass) winning with 39% of the vote. I am all for democracy, but this seems a bit odd to me and damn near revealing that New Orleans consists of a bunch of ignorant, misinformed dirt bags. Get a clue New Orleans; he failed you once with the help of that dolt in the big house (that would be Blanco), he will no doubt do it again to further his personal gain. If ignorance proves this election, you will get what you paid for, that's for sure.

In an article I found dating back to January of this year I was not too surprised that Nagin was backpedaling. Have a look:
Faced with howls of protest, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin apologized Tuesday for claiming that a vengeful God smote New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina because of heavenly disapproval of America's involvement in Iraq and of rampant violence within urban black communities.
Might the violence in the black communities be the function of a Mayor to try and curtail asshole? Iraq is no business of dummies like you anyhow; don't concern yourself with what you know nothing about. Stick to what you do know: how to screw your constituents for personal gain.


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