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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
This post comes after a comical find via the Ninja page link of this Nemesis entry.

Within the hate mail section there are quite a bit of angry dopes writing to Robert Hamburger and how little he knows about Ninjas. Well, I find the site hilarious and the people that write the hate mail equally as funny. As an example, the following is and actual piece of hate mail sent to Hamburger:
Hey kid. never give up on that suicide by ingesting a frisbee. I hope you succeed very soon. Your ninja website is pathetic and cries out "I'm a 10 year old that knows shit about ninja's". One day when you're 30 you're going to look back on this and laugh your ass off at how incredibly nieve and dumb you were. Oh and by the way, I'm a sniper. So if you see a red dot appear on your chest, smile, because you'll get to meet somebody who really is "cool", if only for a second.

from Rudimentarypeni7
Due to the voluntary forwarding of information that the emailer seems to tout himself as a sniper, I have to laugh at the ineptitude of this dummy. Why? A sniper that uses "red dots" to make his kills. Gee scooter, it would seem that shooting lasers at your targets first might give away your position, don't you think? Dummy. That wasn't as funny as the "one of two living" real ninja grandmasters that wrote in to the site to criticize it. No, seriously, you must be a ninja because you decided to share your secretive state with all who read the page. Dummy-san. Read some of the others when you get a chance, it is pretty funny stuff.


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