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Monday, April 17, 2006

I was handed an article from a Milwaukee newspaper by a coworker the other day. In the article Leonard Pitts, a columnist for the Miami Herald, has written some interesting words. I had read Pitts in the past and didn't agree with some of the things that he had said, but found this one to ring pretty true.

The first link above is pertaining to the Rev. Jesse Jackson and his offer to pay the tuition of the black stripper that has made rape allegations against the Duke lacrosse team. It is included because what Pitts writes about in his article (about 4th District of Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney and her race-related scandal) definitely extends to the Jesse Jackson article as well. The offer was extended by Jackson whether or not the stripper is found to be telling the truth or not. His logic would have you believe that the woman would never again "have to stoop that low to survive", as she is a black, single mother of two. I am calling BS due to the fact that unless Jackson extends this offer to all strippers who are singler mothers (black, white, orange, blue, green, yellow, brown; it doesn't matter what their color is), it is a seemingly racially motivated offer. This should be no surprise to those that have read of Jackson's antics before, but this offer is complete BS and racially motivated. Dummy. That is not to say that if the allegations prove to be true that the perpetrators shouldn't be brought to justice; rape is an inexcusable crime, no matter what skin-color is involved.

Read the article(s) and send in the comments. The Cynthia McKinney scandal is a whole ball of ridiculous and also a racially sensitive scandal. I know, I know...you are confused when I wrote 4th District of Georgia. Why? Because it was a district that she invented. Real classy. As a general rule, when you aren't qualified to get a job within an existing market; just invent one and you will have a job. Sad to think that there are people like this making decisions for you. If anything, this is a motivation to get out and vote.


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