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Monday, April 10, 2006
Class Act.

Further investigation into the 162-mph crash of an Enzo Ferrari has yielded the arrest of Stefan Eriksson. Come to find out, he didn't own the Ferrari, the other Ferrari or the Mercedes; British financial institutions, however, do.

An executive with Gizmondo (a now bankrupt Swedish video game company), Eriksson spun some wild story about how his German friend "Dieter" was actually driving the car and ran into the hills when the crash occured. All three vehicles were brought over to the US when Eriksson moved here from Britain. The Mercedes alone was worth $600,000.00 and the Ferrari an estimated one million. At any rate, the dummy is now on hold with US ICE.

This crash at 162-mph seems to speak highly of the construction of the Ferrari as the Swedish driver was able to walk away.


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