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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Article from Denver Post.

Via numerous sources both print and visual, there are reports streaming in that a panel at CU Boulder has found alleged American Indian Ward Churchill, generally a scumbag, guilty of plagiarizing others' work, falsifying and fabricating (that means he lied Churchill supporters/fans) some of his material. The panel of 5 found him guilty and Ward the "pseudo-Indian leftist" Churchill could be facing a penalty of suspension without pay for up to five years. At least two of the five would like to see only two-years suspension without pay; compromise and give him three! Surely some other university will hire this guy. How about Mills College in Oakland, California? They deserve him! I am willing to bet that they have been keeping tabs on his career like the Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files has done with Mulder.

It is nice to see that even in the Republic of Boulder some still have some common sense. Honestly, one can look past the paltry "little Eichmann" comments and realize that this guy is basically full of not only himself, but also of shit. Once you start looking further into the problem that is Ward Churchill you may realize that playing the race card even at this level is unacceptable. If you are not what you say you are, don't be disrespectful to those who are...simple math. The reason that I used the Denver Post article is simple; they are the ones who reported a while back (1987) that Ward was a paratrooper and sniper in Vietnam. Funny though that information obtained via FOIA channels show only that he was a light truck driver, projectionist and public-information specialist. Well, someone has to edit the battalion newsletter so that the Colonel has something to read while on the crapper.

I still find it hard to believe that this phony has as many followers as he does. Coming from the Republic of Boulder and realizing that there are legions of mindless neo-hippy zombies wasting their college years and mommy and daddy's money, smoking the dope and coming to an educational standstill all the while supporting this idiot doesn't speak highly of any involved parties. Being that he even has followers of this caliber (bb's in a world of .45s) is laughable, but sad. How could you not see through this crap? Being a surface-looker is no way to go through life dummies. Crack open a book to actually read the pages vice tearing them out when you misplaced your zig-zag's; you may learn something.

Wait! What am I saying!? Mindless Republic of Boulder neo-hippy zombie Ward Churchill supporters: did you know that the Royal Gorge Bridge is for sale? I will cut you a great deal! I would say have your people call mine, but I think that your friend's only get one call a week from the klink. Think on it; if you can.

Hat Tip to David Yeagley


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