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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
In a not too terribly surprising law suit being filed against Kanye West by DFCS Trust, West allegedly just didn't pay his bills for a 2003 Mercedes G500. There were to be 39 consecutive (rappers: "consecutive" basically means one after the other; in a row) payments of $1,295.00 per month for the SUV. Defaulting on the payments, West is being sued for $53,747, plus attorney fees, accruing lease payments, late charges, interest and punitive damages. I hope that the Trust company gets every penny.

This news isn't breaking, nor important. I just don't like Kanye West Kanye PayYerBillsOnTime at all. Dude all rappin an rhymin bout' GoldDigging when he can't even pay his own bills. Hypocritical jive-ass turkey.


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