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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Cynthia McKinney - Not indicted of physically assaulting an officer of the Capitol Police (McKenna). Fueled by the "race" card. Weak, but not entirely surprising.

Patrick J. Kennedy - Probation for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Not booked by Capitol Police, but instead driven to his home by the police (2+2 = special treatment because of daddy's status). However crooked, I have to give the guy props for taking his lumps and accepting responsibility for his actions.

Edward M. Kennedy - CHAPPAQUIDDICK, enough said. Ok, maybe not: there was in fact abuse of alcohol involved. Plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident. Still a Senator. Did some military time (2-years) but was a REMF.

John F. Kennedy - Seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding the possible ramming of PT 109 by the Amigiri in 1943. Kind of strange though how a lighter, smaller, faster and more maneuverable craft such as PT 109 managed to get rammed by a 378-foot, much slower destroyer. Elevated to congressional proportions and then on to CINC status. Must say that he seemed like a good president though (I am too young to have felt the effects of his presidency) as well as actually manning-up and taking his lumps in WWII.

Marion Barry - Mayor of DC caught smoking crack on camera. Somehow manages to not only become mayor again, but is elected to the Council of DC. Serving probation for misdemeanor of failing to pay local and federal taxes as well as receiving drug counseling (no, not for the crack) for popping hot for both weed and coke in 2005.

After more and more research, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of political scandals and dirty dealings on either side of the party lines. Ladies and gentlemen, your government. Whee!


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