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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Apparently a lady named Tina Fey is leaving Saturday Night Live to start her own crappy show. No, I won't miss her. Hopefully Jimmy Fallon will soon follow and make an attempt at acting too...oh wait.
"This is the big leap I'm making, it's a show about working at a late-night comedy show," she told Leno. "I'm very creative."
I will be the judge of that...

I remember when Weekend Update used to be funny right along the now, allegedly funny, Saturday Night Live. I remember when the political segments used to be in good fun. Hell, I remember when Saturday Night Live used to be funny...man, I am really dating myself here. Now after all the greats have left, it would seem that SaTURDay Night Live has shit the bed in the funny department. Oh well...good luck with the new show about a late-night comedy sketch writer (Fey claims to be creative...maybe it's irony), called "30 Rock".
My guess is the shows limited success and comparitive reasoning to a turd in a punchbowl will match closely.

Would MtN make this stuff up?


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