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Sunday, July 23, 2006
It would seem that D Frazier of Flagstaff, Arizona has included a deceased soldier's name on some crappy t-shirt to try and make money. Well, Cpl. Scott Vincent's mother is none too happy about it and is pressing for Oklahoma legislator's to make good on a deal that would make it a misdemeanor to use names of the fallen to make profit; such as D Frazier likes to do. I hope that she prevails.
"Six months ago, I gave up a good job to sell stickers," said Frazier, who wore a makeshift top hat made of stickers. "My motto is 'Walk softly and carry a big sticker.' Of course, the political environment has been good for business, but I don't know yet what I'm going to do when the (election) is over."
This quote being made upon a visit of one of Frazier's idols (Michael Moore) to the University of Arizona in 2004. "Walk softly and carry a big sticker"?! You sir, are a walking, talking, breathing joke. I heard Cindy Sheehan is looking for number three...how do you feel about living in a ditch? D Frazier is just another internet nerd who writes crap for a no-name paper, makes t-shirts that hardly anyone buys (especially since the elections are long over), bumper stickers that will reduce the resale value of your car, etc. He has to subsidize this lack of success by using the names of other's to capitalize and make ends meet. Dummy.


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